Welcome to my site! I am excited to finally have a platform to share with you all.

I have come to the realization that in order to call oneself a “light-bearer” one must be willing to impart knowledge, wisdom and experience. I hope that as I learn and share with you that you may be able to open the doors of your own subconscious to lead you towards the Light that you may become unconquerable.

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Lucifer Dethroned.

Demonic possession. Wine turning into blood. A medallion with Lucifer’s sigil materializing out of thin air. Constant physical and psychic threat by other occult practitioners and from Satan himself. Calling forth the “Great Old Ones” (Cthulhu mythos) and going mad from their influence. Occultists in service to Satan engaged in slavery and sweat-shop like treatment. … Continue reading Lucifer Dethroned.

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